Remember back in the day when networks used to have bases across key locations in the Middle East, and when each used to do its own stories away from the pack? OK, maybe you’re too young to remember, but the truth is that “security” and “budget-cutting” are two reasons that are depriving the networks today from having “exclusivity” and that extra “edge” or “je ne sais quoi”. We can blame the former on the whackos and the latter on the suits, but, at the end of the day, we all know that there is still demand for content. Not only that 24-hour news broadcasters still require to fill dead air (regardless of their policies), but the story itself still matters on lots of different levels. One of its most immediate, is the import/export of, and home-grown, terrorism worldwide. Thus the need for direct access and verifiable sources couldn’t be greater.
Video Material, Production & Packaging, Studios & Mobile SNGs
  • We have access to a large network of proper jobbing journalists across the region that we can tap into. They are street savvy and know the story. They provide raw, high quality, exclusive, verified, custom-made video material  that you could call your own to able to tell the story away from the humdrum.
  •  Our news producers have international media experience behind them and therefore produce high standard, sharp pieces that are well-researched and capture the nuances of the political or social multi-layered story and tell it in a simple yet professional manner.
  • We have access to a highly professional network of operatives across the region. We provide delivery for your own material and/or standups either from already established high-tech, state of the art studios or from mobile SNGs. We can also provide you with a fully-equipped office space for your parachuted correspondent (or even a more permanent one), in prime locations to save you the angst and expense doing it yourself.
Producers, Local Fixers, Reporters & Guest Analysts
  • Our internationally-trained and experienced media team can organise the A to Z for visiting foreign media crews – including visas, accreditations, car, etc.. We can also provide local fixers and translators to accompany your team and make sure they don’t get into trouble.
  • While the region does not lack good and well-informed journalists or academics, it does have a shortage of those who can articulate it well in English. We have few reporters on our books who speak good English, and we are currently training more. We can also source local guest analysts as well to make a change from the usual suspects the networks currently call upon for that sharp and unpredictable soundbite.
Field Studies, Research Papers & Opinion Pieces
  • We have access to very bright, young, internationally-educated network of Master’s-degree holders. They cover a wide variety of discipline. Our network also includes well-informed and established Arabic journalists. We can provide Think Tanks, NGOs, Risk Assessment organisations and Arabic-copy organisatins with top-notch field papers to supplement their own research, or commission opinion pieces from local journalists that comment on current affairs from local perspectives.


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