Our Board of Advisors is designed to reflect our media credentials as well as our extensive professional and personal  networks. However, its function is not intended to be merely cosmetic.

In building our business, our focus has been galvanized by the needs of our clients and the guidance of our Board of Advisors.  As we focussed more on go-to-market and especially scaling, we needed advice from the right people who had done it before. So the timing was key to find these particular people.

We spent a lot of time thinking about the exact roles and responsibilities for our advisory board. In that time we realised that we sought out very specific functions and had clear expectations. With these expectations (and incentives) in place it was far easier to align with the right leaders. Obviously roles vary depending on the advisor’s background and skill set. But we actually took a reverse approach and then we found those who matched up.

Apart from assistance with our product feedback and strategy, we wanted people with deep ties in the media and PR community and who also have the credibility and the influence to help evangelise us in the marketplace.

Above all, we wanted people whose company we enjoy and who we could kick back with. We wanted to have fun!